Welcome to Okosu Ceratech Pvt. Ltd.


Mr.Santosh Sarawagi a visionary person established a Corporate “D.D.Group” in the Textile hub Surat during the year 1982. His vision was to develop endogenously manufactured comprehensive ranges of Textile Machinery and its parts. We are leading supplier of Metallizing Products, Beads and Rapier Solutions


They have started their production with Rapier machines parts, Jacquard Modules, Harness Cord, Weaving and other textile machinery parts. They have captured the Domestic market as well as international market. As the Company grown for the convenience of the product Category, “D.D.Group” has formed their associated Company named OKOSU CERATECH PVT. LTD.


Our Aim

What we do?

The OKOSU Zirconia Beads stem from the high-purity, ultra-fine zirconia powder, and are created by several molding technics (Dry Processing, Injecting, Rounding, Dropping, etc). Going through the high-temperature sintering and finishing process, OKOSU Beads features high density, excellent wear resistance, good spherical rate, precise size, etc. OKOSU Zirconia Beads fulfill the requirement of many industries such as Electronic Materials, Magnetic Materials, Silicon 4Oxide, Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Coating, Pigment, Dyes, Ink, Papermaking, Blasting, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics, etc.

Newly developed beads are of interest to the following industries:

Glass, Zirconia and other newly developed beads have replaced the conventional grinding media Ottawa sand, Steel balls, Pebbles, Ceramic balls etc in bead mills. a) Paints b) Pigments c) Inks d) Coatings e) Dyes f) Chemicals g) Cosmetics h) Gums & Waxes i) Pharmaceuticals j) Food & Confectionery k) Battery